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Un jouet par millier (One toy per thousand) is a concept art project. A priori, a simple idea. A Christmas ball "Made in China", toilet paper "Made in Canada", in New Brunswick.


This project took shape to immortalize the year 2020 while sparking reflection on social behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(See complete artistic process below.)


The ball, coming from China, makes a link with the city of Wuhan where the disease was detected for the first time in November 2019. Here, a reflection is necessary in the face of the massive importation of goods, which arrive from this country per thousands. Whether for economic or environmental reasons, the pandemic has taught us to support local purchasing.



At the onset of the pandemic, the attitude to buying toilet paper and the sense of security that goes with it provoked questions. The transparency of the ball acts as a reference to an object that can be broken in an emergency ("In case of emergency"), often associated with red.


A bauble with a message and a nod to the scarcity of toilet paper in March 2020.

The balls are signed and numbered. For purchase, please contact the artist.

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