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In Rejoindre ta présence/With You Again (2014), the artist continued her consideration of human and social behavior while concentrating on the importance of more intimate interpersonal relationships.

“Relationships are surely the mirror in which we discover ourselves.” -  Jiddu Krishnamurti

Challenged by the hectic nature of modern life and constantly surrounded by others, Nicole felt the need to shut out outside distractions and learn to know herself in order to establish more authentic relationships.


(See the complete process below).

Confronted by other cultures and identities during her artists’ residencies and her travels abroad, Nicole began asking questions about cultural and individual identity as well as the connections “from one being to another” that can bring individuals together.

After exploring the different ways people connect in a society in Aller à ta rencontre/Going to Meet You, the artist created in 2014 the exhibition Rejoindre ta présence/With You Again, which aims to distill the most intimate relationships in order to extract meaning and poetry with which to saturate her canvases.

Nicole creates reactions between pigments and water that evoke the dialogue between matter and humans and represent essential interpersonal communication. Under the colored stripes, we can distinguish paint droplets constituting traces of everyone’s past, an integral part of being, which show through and coexist with the present.

Interpersonal relationships can be complex, because we all have to find a way to deal with the baggage of our past in order to communicate with others. To maintain harmonious connections, we look for authenticity, that is, we learn about ourselves in order to build real bonds with others.

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