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As a sign of respect for the history of her Acadian town, Nicole Haché restored sheets of copper removed from the spire of the church in Caraquet in order to give new life to the material that had marked the lives of the local people. Returning from a residency in Africa, she created the collection Résonance/Resonance (2011).


(See the complete process below).

In the summer of 2011, after a residency during which she explored the concept of identity, Nicole began creating using sheets of copper recovered from the spire of St-Pierre-aux-Liens Church when repairs were made to the structure.

The exhibition Résonance/Resonance was first showed during the celebrations marking the Town of Caraquet’s 50th anniversary. After so many years honoring births, weddings and deaths, the copper began a life as a work of art, reverberating the people's cultural identity for a second time.


This metal that covered the spire – a structure that resonated in the community – has kept the same mission, but it now transmits emotions, meanings and intentions through colors instead of sounds.

By giving new life to these materials that sounded throughout the community for decades, the paintings become an echo to the history of the town and its people.

The symbolic aspect of the works and their link to Acadian heritage brings the past back to life by allowing it to reappear in the present.

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