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With Aller à ta rencontre/Going to Meet You (2013), the artist sets out for the first time to use paint as her only material. Inspired by the behavior of people in society, she creates bare-bones canvases where intersecting lines reflect human interactions and relationships.


(See the complete process below).

The momentum for change brought on by Nicole’s voyages abroad and resulting relationships caused her pictorial approach to evolve and made her reflect on humanity and society.

With her exhibition Aller à ta rencontre/Going to Meet You, of the collection Transparence/Transparency, the artist turned toward the use of paint as her only material and created minimalist canvases that portrayed the essential immateriality of humans. She laid bands of color over each other – each one representing a person – and as they overlapped and crossed, they formed a web symbolizing interpersonal relationships in society.
By confronting or collaborating with their peers, people build and develop their humanity. Society is made up of human beings mixed together who have formed connections by amalgamating certain parts of their identity.

The components of society are thus not human beings but the relations between them.” – Arnold Toynbee

As part of this process, the artist took advantage of her time at the Banff Centre in 2013 to create a performance entitled Parle-moi/Talk to Me. This interactive creation brought together a number of players, acting somewhat like pawns in a game.

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