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This interactive installation is the result of research conducted during an artist residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in 2013, that was subsequently presented at the Atlantic Visual Arts Festival (FAVA) in the spring of 2016.

The project induces reflection on the importance of interpersonal relationships, while reinforcing the need for positive encounters, inviting communication, and creating a dialogue on the nature and quality of the bond that unites humans.

(See complete artistic process below.)

Parle-moi exposes an electrical network that represents individuals who, in society, operate as part of the same circuit. This project involves the participation of the visitors and offers opportunities for convergence by encouraging interpersonal exchange and the sharing of intimate space. Parle-moi brings people together to question the essence of being and the mechanics of social behavior, while reflecting on the ideals of communication within the framework offered. The project wants to promote inclusion by provoking real connections between people who create a bond from human experiences.

The installation is made up of two separate elements. The first component is a work on the wall which immortalizes the silhouettes of people attending the exhibition. It represents subjects in society and their interactions, symbolizing the relational part of the human being.

This work is connected by electrical wires and loudspeakers to a second canvas on the ground, evoking a large electrical network formed by lines of four different colors. This component is interactive, since it requires the participation of the visitors, allows for interpersonal exchange and represents society.

The interventions generated by the participants question the modes of sociability and interpersonal relationships. We ponder the changes in human behavior since the arrival of technologies and social media that have an impact on societal issues. Parle-moi sparks active and progressive discussion around these topics.

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