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With La conjugaison des êtres (2016), the artist plumbs the depths of a resolutely contemporary process dealing with social habits. She looks at the influence of social media on individuals and examines their overwhelming role in interpersonal relationships within modern societies.


(See the complete process below.)

The collection La conjugaison des êtres/Conjugating Beings continues in depth and with finesse Nicole Haché’s research into the nature and quality of the connections among human beings. In a society where social media worm their way into our daily lives and become the go-between that develops connections while touting individualism, the artist appeals to rediscovered interiority, authenticity and closeness. What would life be like without exchanging glances, sensitive dialogue, true encounters? What would the future hold in a virtual world that shows contempt for body and soul?

The desire to reverse this tendency and positively affirm the need to come together led Nicole Haché to communicate her questions by creating filmy, aquatic universes where colors run together in a play of light ranging from opaqueness to transparency. By creating a parallel between superimposed colors and entwined human sentiments, she compares the chemical reactions between materials with human beings’ incessant dialogue with themselves and others. The pigments exude emotion. Subtle presences emerge from abstract landscapes of unsearchable depths. Organic shapes flow. Eloquent face-to-face encounters, graceful aerial dances and delicate fusions...

The essence of a life consists, perhaps, of planned and impromptu encounters with those around us. In that sense, La conjugaison des êtres/Conjugating Beings is more than an invitation to communication, but rather a growing awareness of the importance of authentic, tangible interpersonal relationships.

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