Artiste Statement

The natural and social environments are at the heart of Nicole Haché’s artistic process. She draws inspiration from her own experiences and milieu and then develops themes that are close to her heart.

She began painting dream-like characters exalting the beauty of life, individual freedom and harmony with nature. She soon turned toward abstraction with Parcourir le rivage/Walking the Shore (2009) – the second part of the collection Un jour, la mer m’a dit/One Day, the Ocean Told Me – and Résonance/Resonance (2011), inspired by Acadian identity. Starting on the society level, she then got closer to the individual, asking questions about the essence of being and the mechanism of social behaviors. After using a variety of natural materials to give texture to her works for years, she turned to a new form of expression by using paint exclusively.

In Aller à ta rencontre/Going to Meet You (2013) and Rejoindre ta présence/With You Again (2014), the two parts of the collection Transparence/Transparency, Nicole Haché turned toward clean lines and abstraction. For this collection, each transparent layer symbolizes the immaterial nature of the individual soul and spirit, as the overlays and the intertwined layers represent all human relationships. In her work, geometric composition, dilution and the choice of colors reflect her lasting desire to codify her art and to weave a secret semantic framework.

In the series La conjugaison des êtres/To Be, Being (2015), she surrendered her need to control the process and explored the sensitive dimension of the human soul and interpersonal communication. Her colors are more transparent, the boundaries between the various elements of the composition are blurred, the reliefs she used in the past are replaced by depth and perspective. Her work has become an organic, cellular world, mirroring the interiority it is summoning.

From a planetary scale to a human one, from society to intimacy, from outside to inside, Nicole Haché traces a necessary return to personal identity and essential values.